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02 / 08

This is what I spent several hours doing today, and I swear I was in heaven. I went to this used bookstore--I can't remember what it's called--the one near U of T campus, on Spadina. I went with exactly $50, and plenty of time to spend looking through all the books for great illustration or other little treasures. There were so many books I wanted to buy, but this store is a lot pricier than I expected it to be. Each book is like $6 to $20, which is fine, but I could get brand new books for that price at BMV (one of the best used book stores in Toronto).

But BMV doesn't have this kind of charm.

1. vintage book pile, 2. paper sample book, 3. paper sample book, 4. type specimen, 5. type specimen booklet, 6. type specimen book, 7. type specimen book, 8. univers!, 9. close up, 10. butterflies, gray + colour, 11. bird pullout, 12. love love love love, 13. colour pullouts, 14. naturescope, 15. map, 16. map of england and wales, 17. letraset canada, 18. letraset catalogue, 19. letraset catalogue, 20. anatomy & art, 21. art & anatomy, 22. DSC07607, 23. astronomical geography, 24. geography study books, 25. atlas

The one little critique I have of this store, was the owner was clearly a "book collector" who didn't care if she sold the books or not. The store is literally overflowing with books, and it's no surprise why. I had my 50 dollars, and I came to her with a stack of books that came to 53 dollars. "Well, this one here is $4.50." So I had to give that one up. I'm sad now, realizing what it was I was giving up.

It was a botany school book, probably from the 40s, with little slips of paper tucked in every few pages. Little drawings, notes, just loads of vintage ephemera. Whyyyy!

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