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Jory and I went for the nicest walk today, just to get some fresh air, and we ended up at a Goodwill store. I love Goodwill for the housewares and odds and ends and--just my luck--this store had a HUGE selection of books. Encyclopedia sets, textbooks, kids books, et cetera from the 70s. I love books that are pre-1970s, but they tend to be a lot more expensive. And books from the 70s have this bright, colourful charm that older books do not.

The above books are a kids' science book series, called "I want to know about..." They had the ENTIRE collection, I think there were 19 + an index. I didn't want to carry them all home, so I only purchased 6, 8, 15, and 19, but I might be back there to collect the rest soon.

"The Golden Treasury of Natural History" is a wealth of information as well as beautiful colour illustrations.

If it were up to me, our apartment would be filled with books instead of furniture.

Things I also bought: A polaroid camera, a clipboard with binder rings, and some lovingly pressed flowers in a frame.

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