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It's been a rainy weekend, which was frustrating after the beautiful sunny, warm day we had on Friday. The weather is toying with my emotions. To make myself feel better on Sunday, I took a little trip to Goodwill--which I recently discovered is only a few blocks away!

I didn't find much this time, and I stayed away from the books (where I can get stuck for hours). I found some very 70s brown ceramic plates and bowls which--I love, but--Jory hates. They remind me of Lorena Barrezueta's tin container-inspired dishes around the edges, which I will buy when I can afford. These will do for now.

I don't know why I always gravitate to kid's things (seeing as I have none), but I'm guessing it's nostalgia. I found this "Learn the Alphabet" toy, which was a bit broken so I took it apart. I don't know what I'll use the blocks for. Have you seen this? I had the exact same one as a kid. And now I know my alphabet well.

And this book reminds me of and Eric Carle book (my favourite children's author as a kid) and it's about Autumn (my favourite season)! I'm going to post details of it's collage illustrations on Notpaper soon as well.

I've got some very good content planned, as I've been very neglectful these last few weeks. Why is it that eventually blogging feels like a chore? I hate that I feel that way, but sometimes I do. And I have to really get myself inspired again somehow. It's almost Notpaper's one year anniversary! Ahem, blog-iversary?


happy blogiversary! and cute stuff... my grandparents had a brown dish set similar to those ones.

Gorgeous shots, very inspiring. I just discovered your blog, it's very cute!

goodwill is always a great escape and a wonderful place to find some treasures. lucky you, to have one just arround the corner, ;-)

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