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03 / 07

It's been really nice lately--warm enough to ditch the winter coat yesterday--and I really really hope that's a sign that winter is over. I've started to feel a lot better and excited about the weather that is to come! All I want to do is lay on the grass. Today it's raining, but that's okay as long as it's not snow. (I actually kind of love the rain).

Above is a picture of a stencil I made yesterday. Not entirely sure what I'll even use it for, but I like it. I've been very tree happy lately.

And, it seems I have a boot obsession. This is the fifth pair of boots I've bought this year--except I didn't buy these, they were a gift from my mother-in-law. Yay! She was shopping in the States and picked them up for 20 dollars! They're not real leather, but I love the colour and they'll be good in all that rain. The best part about them is that they have a horse and horseshoe on the sole, which fits in with my other obsession right now: all things equestrian. Those are probably the same obsession, though.

And lastly, my pretty little owl plaque I bought on Etsy from VintageEmbellishments. Who doesn't love owls? It's cute and kitschy, and I have no idea where to hang it yet.


i love it all! please keep us posted on what you use your ultra-cute stencil on.

Thanks, and I definitely will!

Hi, I just found your site via Decor8. Lucky you.

My mum has had that exact owl in her kitchen for at least 25 years.

Best wishes

Hazel in Toronto

You need to press your MIL for some info on those boots, and let us know! They have a great toe, and I like that they lace up in the back -- a great thing for people like me who have large calves! :)

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