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Yesterday was a beautiful day, and we opened up all the windows (actually quite a task in the old building we live in). Today it's not as nice and I'm too in denial to close them, so it's a bit chilly in here. Is it spring yet? Is it spring yet? Is what I say every morning.

Part of the reason I want spring to come so badly is that I want to work on a project that requires it to be spring--I'm not going to give away all the details. I bought this little flower bouquet for the project, once it starts to die I'm going to press some of the flowers. It's cheaper to just pick some out of gardens, but this project has a deadline! It's a secret for now.

So it was a great day: flowers, fruit salad and sunshine.

These pictures are of a papercut I did for a school assignment, which was to convey a message using unconventional materials. I don't know how unconventional paper is, or how "out of my comfort zone," but regardless, it turned out great.

I didn't think I had this sort of patience, and I'm still not convinced I do. People who make papercut art for a living are BRILLIANT. This quote is from an NY Times article about Kara Walker's magnificent work. I grabbed the strangest quote I could find: "So much for romance, nearby a child strangles a duck and offers it to a woman whose body is a boat."

My cat Fyodor is very curious, she gets into everything and she always has to be in the same room I'm in, especially when I'm taking pictures for some reason. I think she likes the camera noises. As you will notice today and from now on, she is in most of my pictures.


I love this post so much. Your work and your site is amazing everyday. Love the kitty.

I like your papercut art. Kara Walker is brilliant. Her art is deep and striking.

Yes! Kara Walker is excellent. I got to see her exhibit when I was in NYC a while back, and it inspired me to do a little bit of paper cutting, too. I thought I would do a mammal for each letter of the alphabet and have completed 23 animals, yet haven't done one for the past two months. I swear I will hate myself if I fail to finish it when I'm so close.

All that said, yours is absolutely, stunningly, wonderful.

I enjoyed reading about your day, especially your photos!

I love the cut-out that you did. It felt oddly comforting.

What good fortune that I found you! Now I'm utterly obsessed with your paper and book and envelope obsessions.

The papercut is wonderful.

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