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04 / 29

First of all, I have a new favourite dress. And new favourite shoes. It's been so long since I've been shopping for anything, and my style has changed a lot since working in retail--when wearing your store's clothing is a requirement. I feel happy that I can buy what I want to buy now. But I'm still jobless, so no shopping sprees for me.

The cotton dress/tunic is from Zara, and cost $20! The shoes are from Payless, a new eco-friendly brand they have called zoe&zac. I liked them so much I purchased them in both colours. Partly because I couldn't decide, but also because of BOGO--which I think is terrible branding, it should be buy one get one half off, but that just isn't right (BOGOHO). They were--unfortunately for me--$15 more than the US price. Go figure.

We went for a walk a few days ago around the University of Toronto campus. This is the best place for walks downtown because U of T is it's own little place completely unique from the rest of the city. I wish I could have gone to school here, but it never would have worked out in my favour. There is nothing there that vaguely interests me--except for the campus itself--I don't see myself as an art history major.

It was the first summer-like day, and everyone was outside enjoying it. I am so jealous of all the students that get to live in residence there, because all the residences are in pre 1900s buildings and churches. I would give anything just to go inside one of these buildings. Hart House is one of my favourites, I could spend forever in there just walking around. I am completely anti-residence, my school doesn't even have on-campus housing, but if I had known what living at U of T was like... Well...

Don't make fun of my freckles (I am officially a "freckleface").

"Oh deer!"


What is the best place to get ice cream in the woods?
Deer-y Queen.

you are soooooo cute!

I want a big deer like that for my yard - that'd be sweet!

I think you look cute with your freckles. I went to payless today, too. Got two cute shoes with the great BOGO deal.

I love the shoes!!! im not so much into heels as Im flat shoegirl because theyre so comfortable. hey,i like the freckles :) and that spot with the deer is so artsy. it would make a good poster shot!

you are gorgeous. having freckles is like built in makeup. you look so naturally pretty.

i just found your blog. it's my first visit. i'm really loving it.

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