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04 / 02

I've really been struggling with my urge to go shopping lately (with spring coming)! Thank god for the internet and it's ability to satiate this feeling... I cut some more hair off today (I just cut my hair last week) after having a bad hair day yesterday (stupid rain!) and desperately wanting something new for Spring. Though it was supposed to snow tomorrow and I will be so mad if it does. It's APRIL!

By the way, if you were wondering if my birthday is in April because my name is Aprile, it's not. People always ask me this, and I think April is an annoying month because: a) It's not my birthday, and b) it feels like everyone is talking to/about me but they really are just remarking about the weather, or what are planning to do this month. A reason April is a lovely month, though, is that it is supposed to be Spring! I have too many short sleeve jackets to live in this climate.

Another good reason for it to be April is that school is over! I've been absent all over the internet lately. We're visiting home at the end of this month, and I hope to steal borrow my mom's sewing machine and finally learn to sew. Then I can make my own clothes--could be cheaper, right?--and I already have plans on how to turn my current clothes into something newer and better. Oh please please please.

Also, I've been doing a lot of hand-drawn type lately. I used to find the idea of it really tedious--and that hasn't changed--but for some reason it gives me so much gratification in the end to see it finished. But of course I will never leave my stencils (somewhere above).

These pictures are from Totokaelo which I came across today on another blog I came across today (that's how I wanted to say it), a local Toronto blog called ill seen, ill said. I've been looking for sites that have the simplicity and the scarcity of colour in clothing that fits the style that I want... Oh black, brown, gray, cream, and navy how I love you. I can't wait until it's summer and we're both employed again, and then I can buy clothes or at least pay for some sewing lessons!


your hair colour is fantastic!

Thanks! Though I get bored of it sometimes, that's why I'm always cutting it...

Thanks for the link love! I adore Totokaelo, not just because the clothes are completely up my alley, but because of their great lessons in layering and creating complete outfits.

i love love love Totokaelo, love the super simple,
monochromatic palette - so great.

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