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I have so many things to post about lately, to both blogs, and no time at all! Though it's always feels like there isn't enough time. Doesn't it? I thought I'd share a few things I took home from my home town (Welland, ON).

The books (above) I found at a second hand store for $1 each! I usually buy books (my favourites are printed before 1950) from a place that is more of a collection than a book store--meaning the owner doesn't care to see the books go, and charges an arm and a leg for them. Of course, I am the horrible kind of person that brings them home and tears them apart and makes art from them. Nobody has to know that.

The thread, claimed by the kitty already, came from my Nana's house. I never realized how beautiful wooden spools were, thanks Anabela for making me take notice! Of course I brought home a sewing machine too, so they will be put to good use! (I'm still learning).


Just a warning that old thread can be quite brittle, so it's probably best to save for decorative stuff, rather than seams. Happy sewing!

Thank you for the tip!

like you, i have so many projects in my head and cant seem to find time to do everything... i love the old books and your cat is always adorable.

I'm also in love with old books, especially those languages I cannot speak. :}

As long as books are loved... :)

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