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05 / 02

Wow! I discovered a little glimpse of this store on Flickr (above image from here), and I did a little bit of sleuthing to find out more about it. It's called Egg, and it's in a converted stable in London. This could possibly be my dream store, or even one of the most beautiful stores that's ever existed... I believe it.

You probably don't know, but my dream is to open a store someday that has the same natural beauty and style as this one. I would be happy forever if a store like this was mine!

"Always an inspiration to me. The first time i was there, the main room was bordered by big leafy cabbages, with clothes in whites, creams and pale greens. Another room with a table piled with indigo colored ceramics, the clothes indigo. Another room with a table piled with chocolate brown ceramics, the clothes chocolate brown. A separate space with farm table with a row of identical handmade sterling spoons, lined up from a tiny demi-tasse spoon at one end to quite a monster at the other end."

via OK.


A beautiful store, Egg is. I do hope you have your store someday.

ooh i agree with you. this store looks gorgeous. and i love the name "egg".

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