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So I went to my favourite (often overpriced) bookstore today, and actually spent a reasonable amount of money! 23 dollars for 3 books, and a nice little stack of ephemera. Let me tell you a bit about each one!

From left to right: Echoing and Re-Echoing, by Faye Huntington The Dogberry Bunch, by Mary Hartwell Catherwood Left with a Trust, by Nellie Hellis

This book I am seriously amazed by. It's called the Dogberry bunch, and it was published in 1880! I didn't even realize this at first, when I got home I got a closer look at the inscription in the back (Christmas 1890). This was labelled $5, as is, but I think it looks pretty good for being almost 130 years old! The older and more ruined a book is, the better. Then my guilty conscience will leave me alone and let me get back to my artwork.

It's Victorian style is beautiful! The pages are extremely thick and the whole book has rounded corners.

Ohh the title of this book is the best. Echoing and Re-echoing. Does that even make sense? All of the books I find are super religious, which makes sense based on the time they were published. I love that it is "the pansy series" so there are pansies painted on the cover. Why don't they make covers like this anymore?

Various little tickets and vintage ephemera, dating back to as easly as 1929. She has this bin full of bits and pieces she finds in the books, and sells them for 50 cents each. I'll bite!

And of course, my taking pictures is an invitation for the cat to parade on through.

And the reverse! I am so happy with this $23 well spent... I'll let you know what collages I turn these into!


Lovely! I sometimes have little guilts about chopping up old books too - I try to rationalise it as giving them a new life. My grandfather was a skilled bookbinder, which makes it a little harder to ignore, as he would have known how to mend them good-as-new!

Total score!!! You found some cool stuff!!
I rationalize it in a few ways-
I used to work at a major book store. You'd be amazed at the books that get tossed. They're stripped of covers and the cover goes back to the publisher and the book gets thrown in the trash. So when you alter a book, you're 'saving a book'.
That being said, for older books like the ones you've bought, for me to use them they have to be falling apart. I like buying the ones that are beaten up with pages torn out or missing or better yet-have kids drawings and writings on them. The more 'loved' they are, the more 'loved' they will be with me. LOL! The ones that are in decent condition, I may buy, but I won't cut them up. I copy them and enjoy them. But, the ones that are extremely ratty, are fair game!
LOVE the ephemera, too!

wow, those are amazing finds... i love the texture of old books, their binding and cover are sturdy and meant to last for years, most books today are poorly binded. 130 years is certainly a treasure! as for tearing them apart, i suppose they wouldnt mind if they'll be turned into beautiful pieces of art to cherish anew=)

Such lovely books! What a shame to pile them in a bookshelf where they get lost...
Lovely blog, thanks!

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