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06 / 07

I have really high aspirations toward gardening, but the truth is I am horrible with plants! I've killed three plants already, and I don't know what I did wrong! Jory says I have a black thumb... Which I think is unfair! Surely with some help and/or research I can become a better gardener.

We actually had to come with a plan to even have plants in our apartment, our cat is a plant-killing fiend as well. We had one house plant in our last place that we kept moving to places higher and higher, which she seemed to take as a challenge! We got this kitchen storage set from ikea, the bar and the little pots (actually for cutlery) work really well as planters! They even have holes in the bottom to let out water. Luckily for us, the cat doesn't even seem that interested in our new plants.

Oh! And I made these little plant labels out of some blank wood business cards (cut in half) and some stamps. They work even better than I planned, because since they are as thin as paper, the water travels up them and you can tell when the plants are thirsty! I think they're cute. I can't grow plants, but at least I can make things!

This is what my desk looks like right now, I'm admitting this shamefully. Work in progress is not always beautiful, and really for me I think it never is. I make way too many messes! As you can see my organizing system is piles. This makes my lovely officemate crazy... because he is super tidy and I am his polar opposite : )


I think it looks very creative. creativity is messy. I know a little about gardening and from the pictures I can't tell how bright it is where your herbs are, but most herbs need very bright light. also overwatering kills plants more often than underwatering. I worked in a hippie plant store in the '70s. Right on, baby! xo Joan

Thanks for the advice! I often take them out of their planters and put them in front of the window, which gets a lot of sun, and they dry out really quickly. I have been making sure they've been in the sun for like 6 hours a day. Haha, I'm trying...

Try talking to your plants. I like to name my plants and try to talk to them every day. I know it may sound new agey. For me it works.

Piles is my system, too and it works perfectly for me. LOL!!! Artists should be messy. ;) It's more fun that way!!

I love those tags! If I start a collection of plants then I'm gonna need them!

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