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I don't know, is this nice? I am trying to focus on doing some larger collages, since I have always worked on 8.5" x 11" sheets and smaller. I was thinking of using unconventional "canvases" as well, this one is an olive green legal file I found in an old filing cabinet. I have made some works on wood that are pretty enormous, so let's call this one on the medium side. Should I do more work like this?

Oh! And I used the book "Echoing and Re-Echoing." that I picked up at the bookstore the other day, my favourite part is the repetition of that title (lower left hand corner).


I love it!!!

I love it too! Is it for sale???

hi Aprile,
the big version rocks=)
don't forget to drop by today, YOUR SHOP is featured my dear!

an idea just popped in my head,
id like to include your etsy shop widget on my sidebar for this whole week if you would just send me the code:)


thanks for commenting on my blog today, so that i could discover yours! i'm in love with your work, it's all so lovely.

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