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I just wanted to share a little something I made for a bridal shower. We were looking for paper to design the invitations, and finally we decided to go with post cards (which I had been printing a ton of all week). I think they work well as really affordable invitations and they're also truly unique! It was fun for me because the bride-to-be has similar taste to mine, woodsy and simple (though she hasn't seen them yet).

I was thinking I would like to do more things like this, so if anyone is stuck for invitations, let me know! I think comissioned invitations are a cute idea.


my wedding blog has long been unupdated, one of the things should do soon and i think your idea is perfect to share on it. very unique wedding postcards:)

I love this and the idea of a postcard. I hope she likes it!

I love the postcard idea. It will get peoples' attention and it is visible right away. i bet it's fun to work with someone whose tastes plays off of yours!!!!!!! Happy Wednesday.

Hello Aprile! This is my first visit. What a lovely site. And what a fabulous list of things to love -- we have many in common. (: One of my favorite things about blogging -- finding a kindred spirit. Have a wonderful day. xo

There is a blog award for you on my blog. Please come and pick it up. You deserve it!!!!!!

you are so talented! what gorgeous work you do, so delicate and romantic. love it.

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