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01 / 06

Oh my gosh, I have been avoiding the internet like the plague this winter. Not like I haven't been at my computer... just not as much. I guess I've been in a bit of a blogging slump. I hope to fix this right now, because I love being a blogger! And I like sharing my findings, I suppose.

I have a couple of new ideas for things I want to do this year, one of them fits in with our resolution this year. We didn't really make resolutions per se, but we do have a goal in mind. There was an article Jory read about people living in cities who never see their own landmarks, and tourists who visit see everything in a matter of days. I like the idea of "traveling" where you live, because why not!? And it helps to see the good points of the city you live in, sometimes it's hard for me to look past the noise, tall buildings, smog and slush.

I have the travel bug, and it would maybe help to be a tourist in my own city when I can't actually travel. Would you believe I have never been on a real vacation? I've hardly been out of Canada! We're going to Seattle soon (for three days), but for a job interview--so that's not even a real vacation--but I'm going to make it feel like one! Anyone have any suggestions for places to visit there?

I would also like to do some posts about my favorite places in Toronto. I just discovered the blog "reading my tea leaves," and Erin has a section of posts called my downtown. This is so beautiful and inspiring, and I'd like to do something similar. I've been thinking a lot about Toronto's history too lately, ask anyone I've been bombarding with historic street views...

I'll be graduating this year, finally, hopefully. I enjoy the work I get to do but I hate "school." So I can't wait to finally be in the working world. I hope this year will be really good, 2009 was not all that. (There were definitely some great moments though!)

Sorry for all the talk, I guess this is like a journal entry, or probably an accumulation of all of my absences all at once.

Pictures are: 1. My favourite view from my apartment (from our office window).

2. Jory across the table from me at Lakeview (an awesome diner, established 1932). I love their new branding.

3. Some stuff I picked up at the Sunday antique market and some other stuff. (In the Hovis bread tin I also purchased there--a la threepotatofour--4 of them soldered together!

4. Lovely paper. Mostly bills and things, I'll show you some interesting things in this box later, a story for each one obviously. (The man and woman are my grandmother's adoptive parents).

5. Some photos from a 1920s album, look at those fancy photo corners!

6. A Victorian puzzle that took me 6 hours to complete, missing 3 pieces.

7. Some granola with yogurt and blueberries. Yum!

Happy New Year!


well if you want to visit Toronto, check out the old R. C. Harris building next to the lake, at the end of the Queen street car line on the east end. It is the most beautiful public structure I can remember seeing in Toronto. Maybe the people running this city used to care about it looked like. Here are the pics I shot: http://www.flickr.com/photos/manifaust/sets/72157618790852843/

Ooo, I love that Victorian puzzle!

Last time I visited Seattle, I did the underground walking tour. It's great if you like local history! I also went to the Experience Music Project, the music museum, but I didn't find it very thrilling.

Have a great time!

happy new year, Aprile! That bread tin rocks.

It may seem hokey but you must go up on the space needle. And if you get a chance drive up Mt. Hood. I did both a million years ago and still remember the fun both of them were. Also, you know that Seattle is the home of Starbucks.

I too have resolved to try and see more of my city. Not just the touristy locations but also the little neighbourhoods and to generally explore it.

Happy 2010 to you!

Totally doing the underground walking tour, thanks for the recommendation, Amanda!

Haha, but we have the CN tower in Toronto! It's like 3 times the size of the space needle... Yeah Starbucks! I hate that I love it so much.

It's such a good idea, I think. Happy new year to you, too!

(And to everyone!)

I love the Lakeview too! Happy new year to you, lady!

Ooh, a series about "my downtown" is a really cool idea. I agree---we so often neglect seeing our local sites because we're too busy working or going to the same places over and over.

I adore playing tourist in my own city...sometimes, on a weekend day my boyfriend and I will wake up and say "what neighborhood haven't we been to in a while?" and just go a wander around in it all day...

I live in Seattle! :) Here's my 'top 3 list' of where I think you should go:

Pike's Place Market. I worked there the whole time I was in art school, it's wonderfully busy and bustling, full of color and above, below, under and around the corner discoveries...And its a REAL place, although it's full of out-of-towners with cameras, downtown residents really do buy their produce there everyday!

Discovery Park in the Magnolia neighborhood. Big open meadows with rabbit holes, a bluff looking down to the Puget Sound, a cliff hike down to the beach and a lighthouse out on the point...

Elliot Bay Books (in Pioneer Square). This bookstore is so very wonderful; creaking old wood floors, an amazing selection of books and a lunch and coffee cafe downstairs with the small of homemade soup wafting up. Sadly the bookstore is moving locations and when it does something in me will die. Elliot Bay Books is an institution.

I hope you love Seattle (and good luck with the interview!)

hi aprile,

so glad to have found your lovely blog. and even gladder to read that you're enjoying my downtown series. a lovely exercise indeed, just to bask in the glory (whether its found in sidewalk cracks, or streetlamps) of the place where we are.

have fun in seattle--i think it definitely counts as a vacation ;)

xo, erin

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