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Woohoo! My first spring at Anthropologie, and can I just tell you how inspired I am? The clothes are also much more my style, the fabrics and colours and all (Cotton? Linen? Neutrals? Yes please.) This presents a problem though, because I want to spend my hard-earned money on clothes... Above is my wish list, below is what I have already sprung for. BEAUTIFUL gray and white stripe cotton dress.

Ahem... This is a problem. Don't worry, I'm not going to keep posting about stuff that I want all the time.


best of luck! oh sounds lovely but yes I can see the temptation getting the better of me if I was you.

I LOVE this striped dress. Totally something I would wear.

I just got the catalog in the mail yesterday and that dress was the one thing that stood out the mosy saying: "you want, and quite possibly even need me!"

Ohhh love that dress! You have a great eye! Your collage is so pretty! Got my Anthropologie Feb 2010 catalog in the mail and I am so inspired by every page!
It would be cool to hear/see what you've been up to at work :)

Love this! I was thrilled to see you were inspired by me, I am most definitely inspired by you and all that you do!!

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