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This year has undoubtedly been a whirlwind, filled with the unexpected (good and bad of course), and we made so so many changes to our life. While it's crazy and so hard to be away from family and friends for the holidays (and for always), this is something I always expected myself to do--travel and work in other places. What I didn't think, would be that it would happen so fast, and so soon after graduating! I anticipate great things for the year, even though I know it will be hard--physically, emotionally, financially, etc. etc. The United States is a much different place.

Our cute neighbourhood on Passyunk Ave was all lit up for the holidays. There were a lot of things I wasn't used to seeing, for example, decorations everywhere! There are row houses instead of apartment buildings here, and many were decorated inside and out. Some streets had 99% participation, which was a delightful discovery one night on my walk home from work.

There were a lot of decorations in windows (people don't have yards here). There were decorations hanging in rowhouse windows like they were little storefronts, and decorations hanging from random trees (photo later).

(People are fond of neon and lights here all the time, like this sign)

Here's a nativity scene in the heart of the Italian market.

This street runs parallel to ours, and apparently these lights stay up year round.

And some decorations in trees!

We had a pretty lonely Christmas here, to be honest, but we did receive a few wonderful packages and cards from family and friends! We felt very loved. Crossing our fingers for good things to come! Hope everyone had a great time and got to spend it with loved ones : )



Umm, your hood is looking pretty darn cute!!! So nice to hear that everyone is decorating for the holidays. Wish TO residents decorated more (that said, we didn't so who do I think I am?)

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