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05 / 30

Last weekend was pretty wonderful! I threw Jory a surprise birthday party and our friends came down on the bus from Toronto (and 1 from San Francisco!) They were a few hours late and the surprise was so close to being spoiled, but it worked out in the end thanks to Jory's gullibility.

Petra and Jacob arrived first, and Petra took like 300 pictures of Philadelphia the whole weekend! I took very few... but these are my favourite.

These pictures are from the last day everyone was visiting, when we went to the Mütter Museum (creepy and fascinationg museum of medical oddities). This is the medicinal herb garden that is also part of the museum. Look at all 10 of us frolicking around in it, ha!

Look at us! This picture of Jory makes me laugh every time.


Later, we ate at the Reading Terminal Market. It was the best way to feed all of us and be able to get whatever food we wanted. Jory and I had some Cajun food, and Tony got some deep fried oreos for everyone to try! For dessert, Adam and Chloe had crepes, Mark had some pumpkin flavoured ice cream!

Then some coffee, to regain energy for the walk home! We all walked so much this weekend, I'm pretty sure it's my favourite thing to do. I am so glad this weekend worked out, after planning it for over a month! Thanks everyone for sharing this day with us : )


Aw, yay! What fun. Happy birthday, Jory! Looks like it was a pretty good one.

Thanks for the well wishes Anabela! Apparently we were good tour guides, and wowed them with our new city, hooray! : )

Aww, I wish we could have made it down. So awesome to see how many people visited! Happy belated to Jory!

Yeah, it would have been so nice to see you! (But to be fair, it was pretty insanely hectic already having 8 people stay with us... haha)

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