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07 / 26

I take a lot of pictures, but some of them don't really tell much of a story. I thought I would share a few of what has been surrounding us lately. Above is from a recent trip to New York, where I hardly ever take any pictures for some reason. But I think we might head over this weekend for the sole purpose of exploring and photographing.

This picture is from our day trip to the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn. It's a comic book store we visited after grabbing dinner across the street (next picture). Jory picked up a copy of Garden, which Jacob bought when he visiting us in May. To be fair it was a rainy day, which is why I took around 3 pictures...

We had dinner at M Noodle Shop, simple and pretty delicious. Jory had lo mein and I had barbecue pork soup.

Jory, underground in the elegant NY Metro.

Back to Philadelphia now, here is some frozen yogurt we enjoyed from Phileo on South Street.

A neat house, the ones set back from the street among the rowhouses always jump out at you the most.

Beautiful bay windows and fire escape.

1793, historic plaque near Washington Square West.

Squirrels leaping about in Washington Square Park (which is a pretty nice place for picnics).

Pretty polishing sign in Society Hill.

Boats at Penn's Landing, where it does not cool down just because it is near water, learned the hard way.

Kennett Restaurant in Queen Village, love the sign.

Some strange colourful houses in our neighbourhood.

I love history, and this makes Philadelphia such a wonderful place to wander around in.


I'll need to get some of that yogurt next time I'm in Philly! Your photos make me really miss it.

I've never been to Philly or NY; your photos make me feel like I've visited! Love that last photo of the colorful houses!

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