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07 / 29

We had a nice time in New York yesterday, much of which turned out to be a park day. Our first stop (as usual) was Kinokuniya to pick up some gifts and check out some pens. Then we crossed over to Bryant Park to have a seat and decide where to go next. Then we walked to Central Park.

This is where we relaxed and talked, ate our lunch, and just enjoyed the warm but mild weather. (It's much cooler in New York than in Philadelphia). For lunch we picked up some chicken and falafel from a nearby stand, some iced tea from a newstand, and some nectarines from a fruit stand.

It was all delicious (but my chicken wrap was hard to eat) and we ate it sitting on one of the many giant rocks. It reminded me of eating lunch at the rock in Yorkville in Toronto, not so long ago.


The rocks are a popular attraction.

We talked about how High Park in Toronto is modelled after Cenral Park, and the similarities, but we don't know enough of High Park to really compare.

Central Park is much busier, definitely attracting a lot of tourists. This street through it was like a little fair almost, with artists, musicians, ice cream stands, and mini performances here and there.

I loved these rounded benches.

Then we got to the quieter part, the walking trails. It was nice and cool and quiet.

We could see the fountain from the other side, and all the people canoeing.

Nearing the end of our Central Park visit, but we also visited High Line Park later that day. (At least three parks in one day. Excessive?) What a good way to spend the summer, though, in parks. And New York has some amazing parks!

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