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08 / 19

Sometimes I photograph our bi-weekly walk to the Urban Farm to pick up our CSA share, in Fishtown. Fishtown is mainly residential, but there are still some very industrial parts of it on the fringe, as well as on the main streets (Girard and Frankford). It is currently on the mend, and being gentrified. The nightlife is popular, and many of my coworkers live in this area.

We considered living here in one of the many loft spaces available, but it's a bit too car-friendly. It's about a 15 minute walk (there and back) for us to Greensgrow every other Saturday, from subway to farm. Which isn't bad, but it's also dreadfully hot and the fact that it is full of shiny metal objects (i.e. cars) doesn't help its temperature.

Frankford Hall Beer Garden.

A sealed up building.

A nice house in the area.

Like I said, still working on the gentrification.

A lovely house, set back from the street.

Industrial remnants.

The typical rowhouses in the neighbourhood. Hard to get a picture of them without all the cars. Though, our neighbourhood is full of cars too, it's definitely a car city.

There are a lot of corner houses, and if they're not residential they are corner delis (what we are used to calling corner stores).

Many of the houses have this same fish number sign, some have their own custom iron fish signage.

Here in America.... Just like in our neighbourhood, people love to decorate their windows and outside their houses. Graduation was a big one, and here is a "Miss America" birthday. Made us smile... kind of crazy. So far we have seen Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, 4th of July, general religious paraphernalia, and I am now wondering with slight excitement what Halloween will look like.

Corner house.

An industrial building, that little green sign says "Fox Foundry."

Greensgrow, our urban farm.

Philadelphians have this obsession with block parties we don't really understand. Residents close off whole streets and put up tents, and have parties that last late into the night sometimes. Are they allowed to do this? It's so interesting. On fourth of July they were everywhere, it seems like a typical way to celebrate in the city.

This reminds me of some buildings in Toronto, in the entertainment district. I really like this style of building.

I couldn't get a good picture of these neat looking house, probably a converted garage. Converting spaces is popular here, as there is a lot of affordable industrial space to go around. At work, our creative director Doub has done exactly this.

Buildings reminiscent of Manayunk.

I think this is my dream house, love the barn doors.

A little cactus patch.

A view from above, from the subway line which travels above the street.


I love your photos and writing about fishtown. It also made me smile to see the decorations for "Miss America turned 4", that's so American, love it !!! I love your big country, will go for a roadtrip to New England & Pennsylvania in September, yeahhhh. I am already excited to see fall decorations and Halloween themed stuff in grocery stores, what a fun. Hope you will share pictures about spooky decorations at Halloween in your neighborhood. Thanks again for these wonderful pics. Greetings from France, xo, Britta

That first photo is just the sweetest little home! Puts modern day digs into perspective...smaller families, bigger homes. I remember visiting the Paul Revere house when I lived in Boston, and was shocked how many people lived there are once!

philly does love the block parties. they can get pretty wild. you should definitely try to check one out sometime!

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