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After relaxing and walking in Central Park for half the day, we made our way to the Lower East Side and Chinatown by subway. I really wanted to go there after reading the book 97 Orchard, which I really loved reading. It's about a tenement house, its immigrant residents over the years, and their cooking habits. There is actually a whole museum at 97 Orchard Street, the Tenement Museum. I kind of wanted to go, but it was $20 each per tour, and I already know all about it. So we visited the store across the street, and the neighbourhood instead. Apologies in advance for the crazy amount of pictures...

Reading about it has got me really interested in the history of New York, I love that its history is still visible almost everywhere you go.

I have never heard of Earnest Sewn before, but I really love their store design.

We stopped by the Doughnut Plant in the area to have an amazing midday snack. We had a blueberry, a creme brulee, and a chocolate.

We wanted to sit down at a park or something to eat them but they were so good we ate them while walking.

It was such a nice day, even though it called for rain. I think it did rain, but we were too busy watching Another Earth at Sunshine Cinema.

(We were so tired from walking around for 8 hours that we decided to see a movie and rest up for the remainder of the evening.)

We made our way to the water, and walked along it until we found the High Line.

At this point, we were running a little late for our bus, luckily the High Line led right to our bus stop!

I love the Van Leeuwen ice cream truck.

We could have done this to relax instead of a movie, but the movie was worth it.

All the pictures I took on the High Line are a bit blurry, because we were speed walking through.

We made it on time, at 9 pm.

It was such a nice day, and I just want to do it all over again. I used to think I wouldn't like New York, but the more I get to know it the more I do. Now I love New York just like everyone else... It has certainly charmed me!


These photos are just fabulous! Such a fresh new perspective to all the other High Line photos I've seen too. I love the day you've had - just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it :) Kx

The photographs here are absolutely amazing. I have read 97 orchard and have wanted to visit the lower east side ever since too - but the last time I was in NY, it was a swift three days so it didnt leave me with an awful lot of time. Those donuts make my day though - put UK's piddly krispey kremes to shame lol! Stunning post - really enjoyed reading it :)

Ohhhhhh, I want to go to NYC so bad!!!! Thanks for the tour :) Love the High Line. Wish so much for Toronto to get in gear with public space. I guess that's just a pipe dream though with our current mayor situation.

Ohh the High Line looks fantastic!! :D It seems like the perfect way to spend a lazy weekend afternoon in the summer... Though how's the weather in NYC? I bet it's raging hot at the moment? I wish I could've gone to the High Line when I was there!!

(so glad to have stumbled across your blog btw! :D I love the layout! did you do the illustrations in the background?

kylie: I took so many more photos of the high line I wish they had turned out! It's such a nice place.

seema: Oh no! You'll have to visit it next time! (And get the doughnuts, too, right around the corner)

juli: You should go!! It's so fun, I seriously love it there. I really really wish Toronto was more like New York sometimes.

lynnette: The weather was pretty good, mild on the day we went but sunny! Thanks :) I did the blog layout and background, I am also a graphic designer (www.aprileelcich.com) Nice to meet you!

Thanks for sharing your photos and stories of new york. It's a wonderful city and donut plant & schiller's are on my favorites list!

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