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05 / 11

I was lucky enough a few weeks ago to take a short, whirlwind day trip to NYC. I flew there in the morning from Toronto Island, and in the afternoon I met with one of my favourite studios, RoAndCo. I had a great chat with Roanne about fashion and the design industry, before heading off to the SVA theatre to watch the Designer As _____ thesis presentations.

They were really great and inspiring, and I came home with lots of freebies from the designers.

Afterwards, I did a little walking around in SoHo.

I stumbled across this great place, WRK, a little design shop on Prince St.

I met up with Kim who moved to New York recently from Toronto. We had drinks at Jo's and dinner afterwards at The Grey Dog. Then I raced back uptown to catch my bus home!

It was over in the blink of an eye, but I had a great time.


What a great trip! WRK looks incredible.

Fran: I'll go anywhere I get the chance to! WRK was a great little find.

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