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It's pretty interesting what you can come across when you are researching your family history. In this case, I was looking for historic photos from the small town called Alma, Michigan, that some of my ancestors lived in. These photos of the J.J. Newberry store in 1949 are so captivating, I love how clear and detailed they all are. It reminds me a little of Honest Ed's, but maybe a little classier. And the signage in them is just perfect.

via Gratiot County Historical and Genealogical Society


How fabulous! These photos are just wonderful - thanks for sharing them :)

My mom and I went to one of those psychic reading parties years ago and the woman was adamant about the word/name "Alma" being in my future. Weird! Pretty pictures.

These are indeed beautiful photos. I'm impressed too by how clear they are! I was led to your blog because Jacquelyn told me you helped her redesign her blog (Lark & Linen). Just wanted to say what a beautiful job I think you've done. I genuinely think it's one of the nicest blogs I've seen in a long time.
Ronnie xo.
p.s. Your space here is gorgeous too!

Pink Ronnie: Thank you! Nice to meet you : )

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