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07 / 10

This garden is one of the reasons we are so happy to be back in Toronto. It's something we wanted for a long time, and we did so well with our rooftop garden last year, it was exciting to have a whole yard to play with! I wanted to share how it was going so far.

A little surprise this morning!

Here we planted tomatoes, basil, parsley, brussel sprouts.

In the bed: peppers!
In the pots: basil, mint, edamame, dill.

We have a nice little deck, with our neighbours above (so it's cool and shady).

I'm lucky enough to be working out of my home office everyday with this view.

When I found out the tree annoyingly placed in the middle of our yard was a pear tree, I was so happy. I forgave the tree for being in the way, and giving us too much shade to grow things properly.

The sunniest spot in our yard is the concrete entry path, which we use for pots. Even though our garden is shady from the tree, nothing in the pots is growing as well. It says something for good soil--the pears fall from the tree and fertilize it in the yard.

I just found this picture that Jory took, but couldn't get the focus right. I love it, look how many peas are squished into one pod! The peas came and went pretty quickly, we'll need to think up a better plan for next year.

This is a chickpea, which was really exciting because we've never seen a chickpea grow before.

Also, another thing we haven't seen grow before, can you guess?

Lots of little baby beans.

We always think about where it started, and how unsure of ourselves we were. We've never had actual garden space and we may have gone overboard at the beginning (tearing up all the grass...)

And it was dirt for a while and we thought "what have we done!!!" We had little confidence that the seeds we planted would sprout up.

But since then we've been rewarded with the thought that--we did it mostly right.


I always wanted one for me.

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