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tintoretta floral tights

from Anthropologie // Size: M/L

Nude/tan with floral print, worn once or twice. I wanted to really like these but the floral print
is hard to get used to. If you like floral tights already, they're great!

$10 + shipping


Purple + Brown Trees Dress Sold!

from H&M // Size: US 6 // Fabric: 100% Organic Cotton

Cute purple and brown trees dress, with 5 buttons in the front and some nice pleating.
Length (if you're tall) is a bit short for a dress, I wore it as a tunic instead.
I have worn this dress many times but it is in really good shape!

$20 + shipping

FILED UNDER: dresses

Green and grey plaid tights SOLD!

from Anthropologie // Size:

Worn once or twice, quirky plaid-like gray tights with white
and green accent stripes. Really nice colours!

$10 + shipping


Cinched Voile Tunic Sold!

from Anthropologie, label edam & esyllte // Size: 2 // Fabric: 100% Cotton

Light cotton, ruffled neckline, pockets, and gathered elastic waist.
Brown motif (like a beige and navy plaid). I have gotten a lot of compliments when wearing this top, but I feel like it's time to retire it! Originally $78.

$25 + shipping

FILED UNDER: blouses

Pilcro Low-rise Straight

from Anthropologie, label Pilcro and the Letterpress // Size: 27

Pale blue-grey, low-rise straight jeans. Nice, worn a number of times,
but I don't wear light denim usually.

$25 + shipping


Grey Strapless Dress Sold!

from Urban Outfitters, label Kimchi and Blue // Size: S // Fabric: cotton?

Cute light gray strapless dress with a white grid pattern and lacey details, pattern like reverse
graph paper (and about that size). When I bought it there was a slight tear in the shirring,
which I mended and it is covered by the folds. I always think I will wear strapless dresses,
but I'm too fussy. Never been worn!

$30 + shipping

FILED UNDER: dresses

Two-wheeler Shirtdress SOLD!

from Anthropologie, label Porridge // Size: 2 // Fabric: Cotton, cotton lining, machine wash.

Cute bicycle print short sleeve shirtdress with fabric covered buttons, small breast pocket,
and shirring at the back. Fit is very flattering but a bit big (I don't usually wear a size 2,
I'm generally a size 4 at Anthro and it fits me well). Length is good also, I am 5'7" and
falls to about my knees (length is 40"). Originally $148 (in Canada)
Worn once or twice, perfect condition!

$75 + shipping

FILED UNDER: dresses

Equestrian Dress

from Urban Outfitters, label ecoté // Size: S // Fabric: 100% Viscose

I love this 20's inspired drop waist dress but it has gotten a bit small for me.
It is a soft, silky, but slippery fabric and the buttons want to pop open now when I wear it...
It is a warm grey colour with sweet equestrian pattern.

$30 + shipping

FILED UNDER: dresses

Black and white ivy tights

from Urban Outfitters // Size: M/L

I bought these recently, they've been worn once or twice,
worn out a little bit on the feet for some reason.
Also, they are very, very roomy.

$10 + shipping


Printed western button down

from Old Navy // Size: M // Fabric: 100% Cotton

Button down long sleeved (rolled up in picture) bib blouse with a brown
and white print. Really soft! Worn a few times

$10 + shipping

FILED UNDER: dresses

Caricaturist Tunic Sold!

from Anthropologie, label Fei // Size 4 // Fabric: Silk?

Pretty button down silk blouse/tunic with ruffled neckline,
shirring at the back and an attached tie. Never been worn!

$25 + shipping

FILED UNDER: blouses

Striped Peter Pan Collar Blouse

from Anthropologie, label Isabella Sinclair // Size: S // Fabric: 100% Cotton

Never been worn

$40 + shipping

FILED UNDER: blouses

Cartonnier Flipside Boyfriend Blazer SOLD!

from Anthropologie, label Cartonnier
Size: S // Fabric: 65% polyester, 45% rayon, dry clean only

Really nice soft blazer with white and black striped lining.
Very comfortable and looks good, (I'm just not the blazer type) was $88

$45 + shipping

FILED UNDER: dresses

Brown and White Belt

from Anthropologie // Size: S // Fabric: cotton, leather

Leather and cotton belt, a bit big for the waist, but perfect for hips!
Dark brown with white stitching details. Buckle is a brown sugar colour leather.

$5 + shipping

FILED UNDER: accessories